Timelines, Guidelines and Deadlines


This week’s storyline continues and includes those in our story that create momentum, cause difficulty and catapult success. As the years tumbled by in my life, this idea from heaven continued to linger, seemingly with little to no development. My timeline was often ‘get it done yesterday’ but reality’s timeline resembled the ticking of a clock, timeless. Certainly, there was some movement, but the hubbub of everyday life seemed overwhelming. 

Then I met this group of people that talked a language I did not understand but was compelled to learn. This inventors group talked about ideas, prototypes, patents, and perseverance offering helpful guidelines. Suddenly, I found myself with momentum moving forward at a pace that I could keep up with and maintain my routine. During all the excitement of learning new knowledges so I could develop this idea, there were naysayers causing difficulty and tempting me to quit. Two words kept me going and helped me fight the temptation to let go - passion and perseverance. I knew it was a God idea and I knew God would bless my faithfulness. 

Just a little less than two years ago, another group of people entered my story and helped to catapult THE MAXBIT into the marketplace. Innovate MS, a non-profit group, led us to our manufacturer. Momentum picked up, difficulties increased and success knocked at the door. 

Joseph’s story followed the same pattern. Joseph had dreams creating momentum in his life, but his brothers caused great difficulty. Thirteen years passed from the time Joseph was sold into slavery and Pharaoh promoted him to second in command. Twenty years passed, and his brothers were still unrepentant (Genesis 37-45). It has been said that our candle never shines brighter by blowing out the candles of others; rather, if we light the candles around us, the light will greatly increase in the world! When we invest in the lives of others, God will be glorified. That is exactly how Joseph lived his life, regardless of the circumstances he encountered.

I decided to let God set the timelines, the guidelines and deadlines. My part is to light more candles. 

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