Being Thankful in the Process


How often do we get bogged down in the one-two-three of a project and forget to notice others along the way? It is not uncommon for us to get caught up in the everyday doing of things and lose sight of who is around us. This would happen to me as I planted flat after flat of flowers with a hand-held trowel and a shovel. I love working in the yard and garden, yet the consistent jobs weekend after weekend found me thinking about all the energy and effort it was taking instead of being thankful for the opportunity to work and being around people. 

Many times, I would say “there must be a better way," partly because the work left me sore and tired, but also because it seemed the work could be done better, the finished result could look better, and my customer would be better satisfied.

We may impress people at a distance with what we do, but we impact people up close. Can I encourage you this month? As you work with others, be thankful, focus on the relationships you have, and watch how things begin to grow around you.

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