Frequently Asked Questions

What is THE MAXBIT?  It is a patented powered garden tool that when attached to a drill digs the perfect hole every time. 

What does THE MAXBIT do?  It makes digging holes fun, gardening easy, and working in the dirt effortless by digging a perfect hole every time.                               

How do I attach THE MAXBIT to my drill?  Open the chuck of the drill, insert the non-pointed end of THE MAXBIT into the drill chuck and tighten securely. Slowly engage the drill to test speed and verify THE MAXBIT does not wobble or is loose in the chuck.

How does THE MAXBIT dig the hole?  Aim the pointed end of THE MAXBIT down where you want to dig your hole. Engage the drill trigger just above the soil and push while THE MAXBIT digs a perfect hole. Allow THE MAXBIT to dig down the depth of the blade, pull THE MAXBIT out of the hole while drill is still engaged, disengaging when you get to the top of the hole.

What do I do after I dig the hole?  Insert your plant into the hole and cover with the dirt around the top of the hole. Done!

Does THE MAXBIT work in clay, hard, or untilled soil?  THE MAXBIT is best used in tilled soil. However, it will perform in untilled soil when powered with a sufficient rpm variable speed drill. We recommend preparing the soil with water if the ground is hard.

What type drill do I use?  We recommend an 18 to 24 volt variable speed drill. No particular brand is recommended.

Is there an extension?  A 25 inch extension is sold separately to enable the gardener to dig holes from a standing position.

How do I clean it?  After use, remove THE MAXBIT from the drill and clean gently with soap and water. Dry with a cloth.

How should I store it?  Store THE MAXBIT in a dry place.

Does THE MAXBIT come in different sizes?  THE MAXBIT comes in two different sizes; a 4 inch and a 6 inch. The blade design is made to dig a hole to plant the standard 4 inch potted plants and the 6 inch potted plants.

Does it come in different colors? THE MAXBIT is available in black, green, yellow and orange. The extension is available in black.

Where is it made? THE MAXBIT is proudly MADE IN THE USA in West Point, Mississippi.

What is it made out of? THE MAXBIT is made out of 100% American 14-16 gauge steel.

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