The Heart of the Matter


Being a girl sometimes isn’t easy, being a woman can sometimes be hard, and being a single mom brings challenges all its own. I found myself wrapped up in all three with lots of questions while looking for answers. Sometimes the answers were found in the things that were right around me, even right in front of me. I needed extra money to buy things my children needed, and I loved to work in the yard. 

That love found me digging in flower beds on the weekends, helping the elderly plant and enjoy fragrant blooms. Gardening is enjoyable work, but it is still work and sometimes hard work. After finishing up each weekend in yards, sore all over, I repeated to myself, ‘there must be a better way.’ Then the eureka moment arrived!    

THE MAXBIT was born while I was sitting in church. Imagine that! God heard me say, ‘There must be a better way,’ all the while He’s thinking, “I can’t wait till she sees what I am about to give her.”

Many people struggle to just get through the day, much less think there is a better way. Don’t give up, keep preserving, there are better ways to help you do what you need to do. 

Heart of the Matter