Botanical Gardens of Nepal

I invite you to take a walk with me through the Botanical Gardens of Nepal, but before we stroll, let me tell you a little bit about this amazing developing country. Nepal could span across parts of Alabama, Mississippi, and into Louisiana, not the width of these states but the length. It is landlocked between China and India, and has three distinct terrains, the Himalayas to the north, the foothills, and the flatland to the south. In addition, Nepal holds 8 of the 10 highest mountains in the world, including Mt. Everest. 

The Nepali people are gracious, generous, and some of the most resourceful people on the planet. They value culture, welcome tourist, and love dal bhat (rice and vegetable). 

We visited Nepal over the Christmas break and took in its breathtaking views, beautiful gardens, and lovely people. We have a personal interest in the country with family and friends who extend a helping hand to those in need. One of our outings was to Nepal's Botanical Gardens in Godawari.

After a short drive on winding roads we arrived with excitement and supplies for a picnic. The variety of trees, plants and flowers, many indigenous, filled the landscape. If you can brave the hundred steps to the top, greenhouses dot the hillside packed with a variety of plants from cacti to orchards. Below the greenhouses are lovely water fountains fed by the nearby mountains. We picnicked right beside one of the tallest greenhouses I have ever seen while enjoying Nepali children and their dogs run up and down the trails.

If you have ever traveled to a developing country you know that when you return home, you come to appreciate more what you normally would take for granted. This recent trip was no different for me, yet I also learned to love and appreciate more what people are able to do with what they have access to. 

It is my prayer for 2018 that we come to appreciate people more and compare ourselves less. 

Enjoy the photos!