Spring Has Sprung

In America, spring has sprung in the South, at least in Mississippi. We saw the first signs of Spring in early March and it is still lingering. You might say, well of course it is still lingering, but you must understand that the weather in Mississippi is as fickle as an unmarked jar of pickles. You just never know if the weather is going to be sweet or sour.

Well at the first sign of good weather, I ran outside, gloves on my hands, and began to remove weeds, pull back debris from the winter, and think about putting fresh pine straw in the beds. I just love working in the yard!

As the weeks have slipped by, vines and other foliage grew up along with my blooming plants making it hard to tell if it was a weed or a potential flower. Some I decided to let grow a bit and then pull up, but those pesky vines I am digging up at the roots. You know the ones I am talking about, those vines that grow a straight stalk, thorny, and climb up trees wrapping around trunk and limbs.

No one intentionally plants those vines, so where do they come from? There is no mistake these were unwanted and difficult to remove, and after some time and some help, the vines came down, were put into garbage bags and set at the curb. At the end of that long day, I had more thoughts about vines.

Vines intentionally planted yield a fruit, flower, or vegetable and are enjoyed by many people, yet the fruit, flower, or vegetable come from the vine. It is the vine that carries the nutrients. What we feed the soil, how we care for the vine, along with sunshine and water all combine to cause great growth from the vine.

I’ll continue to put forth the effort to keep the bad vines and weeds out because I love the beauty that comes from the fruit. Happy pruning season!