Blooms, Beds, Birds, and Blessings

Another favorite of mine in the hot summer time is the Sun Lantana. It is one of 6 plants listed in the article below to survive the summer heat. With varied colors, its heat hardiness yields multiple blooms all summer long.

Along with Blooms and Beds, are you Bird watching too? I have counted a dozen different species of birds in my backyard this summer. Equipped with bird food, too many squirrels and an occasional cat, my office windows provide a menagerie of wild entertainment.

Seasons come and go, yet summer holds a special spot. My prayer for you - While inside, enjoy the cool, read a good book, cook a new recipe. While outside, enjoy color, watch wildlife, look up and be thankful. 

Remember that THE MAXBIT gives back. We participate in water, greenhouse, and education projects overseas, helping those who need help.