Canada and Challenges

Have you ever taken a trip and wondered when would the challenges end? Some of the challenges are so bad you never want to do that again! But if we will just look below the surface, often times these challenges cause growth and provide a new way forward.

On a recent trip to Canada to explore export opportunities for THE MAXBIT, challenge after challenge presented itself. Some we handled well and some not so well. It all started when we landed and our phones would not work. While exchanging money in the airport someone hacked into our business account, the hotel wanted all their money up front, and our flight out was delayed causing us to miss our connecting flight.

Although the beginning and the ending offered frustrations, the events in the middle offered encouragement. We met some wonderful people, established friendships, and made amazing contacts - look out Canada here comes THE MAXBIT.

Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller, in Great Leaders Grow write, ‘challenge is the pathway to growth.’ I recently listened to a podcast by Michael Todd, Pastor of Transformation Church in Tulsa, OK, titled, Planted not Buried. We love to see the beauty of plants as they grow above ground, but we often forget the challenges they face below ground to get to that beauty.

Our product, THE MAXBIT, makes it easy to dig the perfect hole, yet the plant faces the challenges to grow and bloom. Aren’t we glad that plants don’t give up, but yield to sunshine, water and soil. We came back with a renewed resolve to stay rooted, face the challenges, and grow.

Michele & Max

Galatians 6:9

Michele Morgan Morton