Bulbs. Blooms. Blessings.

We love blooming flowers that come from bulbs, but getting those bulbs to bloom frustrates many DIY gardeners. The knowledge about bulbs is plentiful and can be found at your local garden centers and online resources. Some common questions range from which ones to plant when, how deep to plant them, and a common problem in planting bulbs - which side is up?

Most bulb packets give planting instructions for depth to plant, and be sure to plant in a well- drained area. Most bulb-producing flowers like lots of sun too, so planting bulbs where the sun shines most of the day is best. Usually there is a root on the bulb, that side goes down, and if there is a pointed side, that side usually goes up. 

Why are bulbs so popular? Think about it for a moment. Have you seen what most bulbs look like? On a Beauty Scale of 1-10 bulbs would be about -5. But the beauty they yield when planted properly is off the charts in splendor. It is also true, they will return year after year and multiply! 

Many people feel like a bulb looks and the process it goes through, unattractive, buried in the dirt upside down and forgotten about. Have you ever planted bulbs and forgotten about them until you see the results in the Spring? Often we work at a process for so long to improve areas in our lives without seeing the results in the timing we desire. 

Let me encourage you in three areas: 1). Be sure you planted properly- examine your life and ask the Lord to be involved. 2). Plant deep enough - it is easy to start and stop, but start and finish. 3). Be patient - in time you will Bloom where you are planted. 

God's timing is rarely our timing, but He is always on time. Just like the bulb underground, God is working mightily behind the scenes both to will and do His good pleasure in our lives if we let Him (Phil. 2:13).

Michele Morgan Morton