Always Answer Your Phone Like its Your Best Friend

In the days of robo and solicitor calls one never knows when you answer the phone who it might be. Put that scenario on a business cell phone and you could be answering calls all day long with half of them being recordings or people then recordings.

That is bad enough, but if you get in the habit of answering the phone like it is one of ‘those’ kinds of calls then the lovely people who do call you get the ‘your not my best friend’ side of you.

It seems like phone etiquette left when the cell phone emerged, but we could actually use these random calls to practice our politeness. Is it beginning to sound like this blog is turning into a real life experience?You would be right in making that assumption.

Not to tell all the story, let’s just say that a particular phone call we received that I did not answer like it was my best friend ended up offering us an amazing opportunity. Palm Sunday, April 14, is also National Gardening Day and our product, THE MAXBIT, will be featured along side other products, on Fox & Friends.

Palm Sunday is a week from Resurrection Sunday. It is the day Jesus rode the donkey into Jerusalem and people sang “Hosanna”, and placed palm branches into his path. Hosanna means ‘save us’ and that He did, just not the way they thought. He is still saving today.

If you go to church, reach out and bring someone with you next Sunday and if you don’t go, go. You may discover that Someone has been calling you and wants to be Your Best Friend.

Michele Morgan Morton