How to Make the Best of Change

Living in the southern US we witness four distinct seasons, two more distinct than others. And every season brings change. Some seasons change more subtly, yet all seasons give us signs of the coming change. Still, change is not fun, at the least, and difficult at best for most people.

Let’s look at seasonal change through the lens of nature, southern nature. We’ll start with January, since it is the first month of the year and indicates Winter in most parts of the US. Did you know there is a list of plants that survive the winter and look amazing as spring begins? Here’s a list:

So although snow may cover the ground where you are from, underneath there is life that will slowly poke its bloom out. Knowing this helps the change that is coming become brighter and better.

And then there is Spring, which is almost over in my neck of the woods. This week we have temps in the 90s all week. No rain in the forecast and that is a blessing. Many states in the US have had one of the wettest winters-springs ever. Our own Pearl River has been at the danger level several times. Did you know Mississippi is home to the 4th largest fresh water River in the US?

While flowers are breaking through the warm ground, the larger flora are more easily seen. This wet and humid state gives birth to some of the most beautiful flowering trees. Take a minute and look at this list.


It may appear that I am plugging for my State -while that is true- my real point is about change. If nature can give us a ‘heads up’ about change that is coming, then the Creator of nature can do the same for you and me. Not only can God gives us the signs, but he can lead us through the change and we may find that we like it.


Michele Morgan Morton