As Summer Goes Fall Arrives

As the seasons get ready to transition, how do we prepare for what we yet cannot see? Here are 3 suggestions to help us plan ahead as summer fades and fall appears:

  1. Watch for signs in the weather. The Almanac is often accurate, but in some parts of the country weather patterns have been erratic. As summer fades, planning and planting fall gardens begins, as well as bulb planting. See the list for Fall bulbs:

    • Allium

    • Buttercup

    • Crocus

    • Daffodils

    • Dutch Iris

    • Fritillaria

    • Grape Hyacinth

    • Hyacinth

  2. Talk to your local garden expert. They often are a walking encyclopedia and love giving information to other gardeners. Many can offer garden designs and contract landscapers to help with projects. Check out one of our local garden centers that carries our product line The MaxBit -

  3. Purchase the right equipment so planting is FUN! You can dig with your hands, a trowel, or a knife, but there is a tool that makes digging easy and fun, giving you more time to enjoy the beauty of your efforts. Check it out -

Once your seeds and bulbs are in the ground the game of hide and seek begins. What is now hidden below the surface with the changing of another season will show itself above ground - and it will be worth the wait.

For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that made known and brought to light. Luke 8:17

Dr. Michele

August 22, 2019

Michele Morgan Morton